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Why Cloud Hosting is Better than Shared Hosting?

Once shared hosting was the only way to create a site within budget and it was in the news for years. But, nothing can stand forever and cloud hosting introduced for many reliable services. It was costly in the past, now when there are dozens of competitors in the market, finding a cheap cloud hosting is not that tough.

In fact, nowadays there are many companies that are offering much cheaper and affordable cloud servers than shared hosting. For instance; DigitalOcean and Vultr, or FXData. These companies can be used to avail the basic cloud based server under $5/month which is highly affordable.

Lower price doesn't mean that you'll have to compromise on quality, they deliver stable and high performance even in the low pricing. When compared, we'll find that cloud hosting provides 99.99% uptime.

Why Cloud Hosting is Better than Shared Hosting?

So, what are the main benefits of using cloud than compared to shared hosting?

1. Flexibility

Shared hosting is best for limited and starter sites as well application but when it comes to upgrading resources, often time you have to move your content from one server to another which is time consuming and hard work for non-techy users.
On the other hand, Cloud servers are known as flexible scalability. You can upgrade system resources on the go which means with a single button anything like RAM, Storage, CPU, and bandwidth, etc. can be upgraded without transferring your stuff to a new machine.

2. It is Cheap

As mentioned earlier, cloud storage is much cheaper nowadays with a lot of customization and flexible environment. It comes with "on the go" billing system which drastically reduces the monthly cost. As everything can be customized, so you don't have to pay for unused resources such as Ram, CPU, etc.
However, fixed plans also priced reasonably by many cheap cloud providers according to this article by Mytipshub. DigitalOcean and Vultr, both have great packages; you can avail the primary instance with Vultr just at $2.50/month. Isn't it nice?

3. Cloud is Faster than Shared

Believe it or not, Cloud hosting is way faster than shared in many cases. It also depends on the quality of your host. So, they achieve this?
Usually, cloud companies offer SSD based web hosting for faster rendering and read/write speed. Solid state drives work much quicker than traditional spinning drives as there are no rotation parts involved in this.

4. Advanced Hardware

Load speed doesn't entirely depend on SSD, latest hardware also matters. As the cloud is a new generation technology, so you expect the latest hardware configurations like core i7 processors and modern Ram modules.
Almost every host in the market, incorporating Intel processors, DDR4 Ram module, and storage devices to make your websites and apps load faster than before. You can even create custom hardware specs or choose a baremetal server for a dedicated machine.

5. Easy to Use

Well, if you ask me, I'll say usability matters when talking about shared, cloud, or any hosting service. Your provider should have easy to use and user friendly dashboard or control to complete necessary tasks with zero hassle.
Just like traditional hosting, cloud servers also come with an intuitive panel to install the desired OS or CMS like WordPress, etc. Moreover, you can also install cPanel software at additional fees.
However, this type of hosting doesn't come with cPanel by default because it's built for developers and professional IT experts to host their apps. That's why mostly, you get full root access to your server.


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