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Top 10 Ways to Get Extra Dropbox Space

Dropbox is among the known cloud services, which is used by thousands and millions of people all over the world. Using this tool, you can save loads of files of virtually any kind. This can include videos, music, images, or your day to day office files. You have the option of sharing folders with your friends and co-workers without any hassle or hesitation. As a free member, you can get 2GB of space, which is generally more than enough for any typical usage like saving image files, video clips, office files, etc. But if you are among the power users and depend upon the cloud services like Dropbox a lot in order to store the files on a day to day basis or deal with bigger size files then the capacity of 2GB is not enough. Then at such junctures the chances are that you would be running out the space and would consider something to find anything extra. You can therefore have the idea either you are supposed to pay few bucks in order to find space or simply register with the other cloud services. Well, there are a couple of ways to increase dropbox space, let’s check the top 10 best ways as under:

1). Shrink Photos: One of the best ways to boost up dropbox space is to shrink the images. Over the Prizm image, you have the option of reducing the size of the photo files, which is among the common
cause of Dropbox inflammation by up to 70%. This simply can transform a GB of vacation pictures into 300MB thus giving you an additional space of 700 MB in your Dropbox account. There are several applications, which can help you in shrinking the images right inside your device and then post it over your Dropbox account.

2). Zip Up: When you are sending the files over the Dropbox for the archival purposes and you do not anticipate requiring the quick edit access to them, zip them up first in the Winzip or simply can also use some other file compression application, which helps you in reducing the size. In this way, you get more dropbox space.

3). Opt for the Camera Upload your friend: If you are using a dropbox application over your mobile device or the Dropbox application over your PC or Mac based device, you are supposed to enable Camera Upload, which simply helps automatically to saves each image you take into your Dropbox. For every 500 MB of images you are able to save via Camera Upload, the tool renders you 500 MB in your account, which goes up to the total space of 3 GB. Technically speaking, you are simply breaking out space wise; however, you are still ahead insofar as the images would be consuming more space in any folder rather than the Camera Upload without having the kickback of Dropbox. The moment you reach out the 3GB space, simply start shrinking the image files as said in the above statements.

4). Hook to the social media: You can find 125 MB for connecting a couple of popular social networking sites. These include both the Facebook and Twitter, which helps in finding the said amount of space. Hence if you are opting for the social networking bonanza, you can further end up finding almost the half of the Gig. In this way, you see dropbox more space getting adding up.

5). Dropbox your email: If you are using Apple devices like iPad or iPhone in order to access Gmail, you have the option of scoring a complete one gigabyte (i.e 1GB) for free. This comes via one application of Dropbox called Mailbox. If you link this application to your Gmail account, you end up getting the extra free dropbox space.

6). By participating in Scavenger Hunts and via the Beta Tests: Another option for dropbox get more space, you can fetch by simply participating in the Scavenger Hunts and with the help of Beta Tests. As you know in Dropbox, you have the option of running Dropquest scavenger hunts wherein the users have the option or earning free space by simply solving a number of puzzles or simply by looking out the walkthrough online. There you also have the free option of 5Gb space to the users who simple participate in the beta testing process for the newly added features. Make sure you keep up your eyes very much peeled up for the future scavenger hunts, the beta test and several other events along with newly added features. All these things can help you in finding extra space in your Dropbox account.

7). Refer Friends: One of the other ways to obtain dropbox extra space hack comes via referring your friends. If you are able to refer your friends and other known people to Dropbox, you end up getting extra space, which can go up to 500 MB of free of cost space. Every time your friend is signing up you end up getting the referral link the said amount of space you would get in your account. In this way, you have the limit of earning not less than 16 GB of free space for sure.

8). Take a tour: If you avoid following the getting started tour while making Dropbox account, you can certainly find some free of cost space, which tolls to around 250 MB.

9). Give feedback why you love Dropbox: Another best way to get additional space over Dropbox comes via dropping down the feedback why you love Dropbox. This is one of the simplest methods of gaining extra space, which can fetch you around 125 MB of space.

10). Link an .Edu Email Address to Your Dropbox Account: By doing this, you would end up multiplying your space, which you find via the referrals. This is really one of the best ways to increase your space in quick amount of time. This means, you can find 500 MB for each and every referral rather than 250 in case you have referred to 4 people, which give 2 whole gigs rather than having one.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Rise of Optical Drives

Some commentators already announced the verdict of death for optical data and video drives being replaced and by flash and streaming respectively. Is over 20 years domination really over? In the late 1980ies it became evident that some better and more reliable media need to replace vinyl long plays, tape cassettes for audio and VHS tapes for video. While magnetic tape carriers stormed the world thanks to affordability and decent quality for the time they got introduced nothing could have stopped development of technology and race for the better. Betamax and Betacam standards in video offered better quality over VHS but significantly higher price mark allowed to keep those standards from the competition. Phillips wouldn't give up trying, they spent quite a bit of money to develop an optical media in the form of disk read by laser beam. Despite heavy effort to make the standard popular it failed although the quality offered was better than VHS and there was no wear issues as with magnetic tapes which would decrease quality after number of runs. It's easy to guess it was the price mark again that made the success impossible. Sony on the other hand tried to use magnetic tape for digital sound recording patenting DAT, the digital audio tape. It offered great quality thanks to wide frequency sampling and rotating head. Still after some effort to get attention from mainstream users the product found its niche in music recording industry with the custom ID badge saying best available and made it through the nineties. It took two giants at the time Phillips and Sony joint effort to get off magnetic tape in the music industry. Once the compact disc got standardized it started to gain market share quickly. It was a win win for many players, technology vendors could have sold a lot of new equipment, users obtained fast access, great quality and long life carrier, also music industry could catch a breath with the piracy issue addressed at the time since no CD recorders were publicly available at the time. Cassette tape was perfect for illegal copying, offered no protection and equipment vendors spoiled users with double cassette recorders with many offering high speed copying. CD got additional boost from personal computer industry struggling for reliable data carrier for close to a decade. Even though progress was made there and tapes have been replaced with high density floppy disks the reliability was poor. In early nineties many programs required over 10 floppy disks to install and it would take just a single read error to make the whole deployment effort futile. Compact disc read only memory, CD-ROM for short was a perfect solution at the time, it offered faster than floppy data transfer at once was quickly multiplied several times. Only feature it was missing was multiple use. While re-writable media was available it remained expensive and data transfer was slow resulting in marginal use. Also blank, record-able media was getting less and less expensive and general population often preferred to keep more discs than hassle with re writable ones. Only a revolution of a scale of the internet could knock out optical media and it definitely managed to get very close.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

650+ Best Free and Responsive WordPress Themes for 2014

Wordpress is a best CMS these days, A lot of people are using it as their content management system and due its flexible features it is the number one CMS, Well a lot of people get failed in finding a good theme for their blog, website.. This is why today here I'm going to post some best and FREE wordpress themes of 2014.

Best and Responsive WP Themes of 2014

free wordpress themes 2014

15 Free And Awesome Responsive (Free WP themes 2014)

In this round up, we are showcasing some fresh and awesome free responsive WordPress themes. WordPress is very well-accepted and well-known blogging platform that's why millions of people are using it. With these ...

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20 Free Responsive WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the most popular and best CMS (content management system) for developers, designers and bloggers. There are a plethora of WordPress themes being created by developers almost every day for the ...

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25 Best Free WordPress Themes With Premium Features

However, there are a myriad of Responsive Themes out there which are FREE and which contain most of the coveted features that Premium themes do. Responsive Themes are built upon a flexible foundation which contain a ...

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Best WordPress Themes for Personal Blogs

Pilgrim WordPress theme from FAB themes is a free premium personal blog theme with features like custom menu, featured images, widgetized sidebar, jQuery image slider, etc. It also has an option panel and banner settings ...

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25 Best Free Wordpress Themes 2013 - Ultimate Collection

Free Wordpress themes 2014 are the best Wordpress themes available on internet for free. You can create a Wordpress websites using this free themes.

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250+ Free Responsive WordPress Themes 

Free WordPress themes for 2014 are released constantly, some free, some premium. And some better than others.

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30 Best Free Wordpress Themes 2013

Best free wordpress themes of 2014 comes with unique design and functionality. Using these free wordpress theme you can easily start your wordpress website.

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WordPress Theme News 2014

WordPress 3.8 update comes with a new admin and default theme

Ghacks Technology NewsWordPress 3.8 update comes with a new admin and default themeGhacks Technology NewsIf you do not like black themes, try the light theme for example to change it easily in the personal options. According to WordPress, lots of tho ...

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How to install WordPress theme?

How To Install WordPress Theme
 Installing WordPress Themes are not as difficult as they seem! In this lesson, I will show you how to install a WordPress t...

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I hope you like the themes these blogs have shared, It took a lot of time to check each and every blog and setting them in one post for you, Now its your turn, If this post helped you then don't forget to share this article with your friends! 

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What is adderall? - Buy Adderall without perscription!

Escalating demand for prescription medication has led to extra and more people today turning to Adderall pharmacy to purchase their drugs. On the internet pharmacies are certainly not bound by stringent laws, guidelines and regulations, or topic for the penalties that local pharmacies face for misuse of controlled substances. This makes it much easier for persons to supply their medication and get it at inexpensive rates. The wonder with the Web is the fact that you will get all facts and have access to all kinds of goods with a just a click with the mouse. With the quantity of on the internet vendors increasing each day, it has turn into less complicated for individuals to get generic Adderall (Dextroamphetamine/Amphetamine) on the net at amazingly cost-effective prices without any hassle whatsoever. A short look at the couple of motives why additional buyers are veering towards on line sources:

Where to buy Adderall? 

Regardless if you are in search of Adderall 15mg or simply a greater dosage, you may simply locate the requisite merchandise via the various on the web pharmacies which have mushroomed up everywhere in the Web. No matter in which you are, what time you desire to get the medications or simply how much you need to order, you will take pleasure in swift access to each vendor by way of their ecommerce platforms. You do not have to go out, register, deal with stringent dosage restrictions when ordering in bulk or deliver a prescription for these medications. All you would like is a pc and Net link to succeed in out to these pharmacies from your consolation of your household. When you might have identified a trustworthy provider merely get for reduced selling price Adderall and obtain your treatment at surprisingly reduced charges.

Adderall online without Perscription

Whenever you buy Adderall tablets on line you can save approximately 30% on your purchases as compared to nearby pharmacies. From the mere Adderall online  5mg to 30mg there is absolutely no restriction to the dosage you need or perhaps the bulk obtain orders. Using the widespread availability of generic Adderall on the web it can be now attainable for prospective buyers to purchase medication promptly and at extremely small price ranges. Now one particular could get protected supplies for just a period of time with just $10 orders from on the web Adderall pharmacies. These are typically delivered ideal to the doorstep enabling individuals to carry on without missing an individual dose. These buys are usually not limited to simply generic Adderall, you should buy branded medicines at discounted selling prices in addition.

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20 + Best VPS Hosting 2014 - Cheap And Reliable

To choose the best suitable VPS Hosting provider of 2014  is one of the most important task for a Business Developer. The purpose of VPS Hosting Reviews is to provide you with information that you need to Choose best hosting provider. Before choosing your hosting provider you need to take a decision that what kind of hosting is most suitable for your needs. Hosting can be categorised in three types. Virtual private server is an excellent mid-way pint that offers a perfect balance that makes it an ideal choice for most purposes.

Features of VPS Hosting of 2014

VPS hosting is very popular because it can accommodate the resources of a dedicated host at a fraction of the costVirtual private hosting is highly versatile and there are lots of factors which are arranged so that you may look into while browsing through VPS Hosting Reviews to make your choice. VPS provided a number of dedicated and shared resources creating a virtually dedicated system.
lets take a review of primary features virtual hosts that you may come across VPS Hosting Reviews.

Best, Reliable and Cheap VPS Hosting of 2014

HostGator - #1 VPS Hosting of 2014

Hostgator Is it Worth it 300x142 HostGator; Is it Worth it?

HostGator is best VPS hosting of 2014 with attractive and amazing features which is amazing velue of its price. It provides WHM/cPanel control panel, 60 GB Disk Space, 2 GB RAM, 8 Virtual Processors. Even VPS includes a FREE Domain & SSL Certificate.  2 IP Addresses, 300 GB Bandwidth and more is included in this Hosting which make it more valuable. In case if incompatibility with my Hosting, provider gives 30 Days Money back guarantee. 24/7 toll free phone, chat and Email support is made possible for customers.

BlueHost - #2 VPS Hosting of 2014

VPS Link is an instatnt and easy to setup VPS Hosting. It is user friendly. Even those who are initiating website also can use it with comfort and without hindrances. It does not let you get through downtimes. It works with your favorite Linux Os. VPSLink offers 5 VPS account packages ranging from 2.5GB space, 100GB bandwidth, and 64MB RAM to their best plan that has 40GB space, 1,000GB bandwidth, and 1GB RAM.

mediatemple - #3 VPS Hosting of 2014

Media Temple focuses on developers and Linux administrators who want to build their entire system from scratch. This gives you the liberty of choosing from an array of operating systems based on your preference. It is PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and MySQL supported. It is featured with 200 one-click apps. It provides 100 GB premium storage space, and up to 1 TB bandwidth. Customers can host up to 100 domains, with up to 1000 email accounts. Chat, Twitter, and phone support is available 24/7/365

Inmotion - #4 VPS Hosting of 2014

InMotion Hosting VPS

For amazing local support and stable, redundant data centers, it’s hard to think of a better first-time VPS web host than InMotion. Its unique benefits are 100% uptime service level agreemen, t24/7/365 live support, based in Newark, Delaware, USA Unmetered bandwidth Parallels Plesk Panel 11 control panel, Instant deployment and scalability, Full LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python). It is featured with Software firewall, Integrated remote backup tool ,Free dedicated IP address. 30 Days money back guarantee is provided.

iPage- #5 VPS Hosting of 2014

For those looking for a VPS hosting provider of 2014 that will meet individual needs and requirements, iPage offers a solid business solution. It has a range of server choices and operating systems on offer, to meet all preferences. Its unique benefits are FREE 1TB TRANSFER, FREE SETUP, FREE BACKUP, FREE DNS, VPS in the Cloud from only $3.65 per month, cPanel/WHM Control Panel, API Access, No Contract & No Commitments, Usage Based Plans from $0.005 cents per hour and Atlantic.Net, Inc. Est. 1994. It is featured with 24 x 7 VPS server technical support, 24 x 7 proactive monitoring, 30-day money back guarantee, Diesel generator and advanced fire suppression and managed data backup.

Arvixe - #6 VPS Hosting of 2014

Arvixe is known for its wide-ranging hosting packages, decent uptime record and beneficial support options. The service provides all the basic web hosting features , plus easy-to-use site creation tools and notable domain capabilities. Overall, Arvixe is a great hosting option. Arvixe offers an array of both basic and advanced web hosting features. When it comes to creating your site, the service provides easy-to-use site builders that are directly integrated into the host’s control panel. Unique benefits and features of Arvixe are Linux and Windows VPS plans available, Unlimited monthly data transfer, Free domain name for life, 24-hour support, Free website transfer, 99.9% website uptime and60-day money back guarantee.

1&1 - #7 VPS Hosting of 2014

1&1 web hosting services are robust and versatile. This is best illustrated by their ability to host both Linux and Microsoft Windows-based sites. And then there is 1and1’s Dual Hosting. It provides you with SSH Shell access. It comes with 1 free domain, configurable firewalls and GeoTrust Certified SSL certificates.The 1and1 Hosting control panel is a user friendly interface. 1 & 1 Web Hosting provides customers with several ways to contact the support team, which is always ready to assist. Technical and sales support are available 24 hours a day. -  #8 VPS Hosting of 2014 is one of the most well-known names in hosting today. Servicing over 45 million domain names registered across the globe, GoDaddy is many times larger than even their closest competitor. Those of you who are new to the hosting world are still likely to recognize the name from their TV ads, but they are best known for their excellent internet products and services.
It is featured with 100GB Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, 100-1000 Domains, 50 FTP Accounts, 10+ MySQL Databases, Proprietary Control Panel, Cron Jobs Premium DNS, SSH Access, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. - #9 VPS Hosting of 2014

Easy CGI is only a viable solution if you plan on something simple.  It is best for informative websites. I comes with advanced ticket system and 1 dedicated IP address. It gives 30 days money back guarantee. It guaranteed 99.9% uptime guarantee. 24/7 support is available by phone and live chat.

247-Host - #10 VPS Hosting of 2014 is a good option for starting a web hosting as they offer cheaper service. 247-Host is a good option for starting a web hosting as they offer cheaper service. It comes with Money back guarantee, 1 dedicated IP address, WHM or cPanel access, RvSKin multi-language panel, Soholaunch website builder, directory protection, vacation messenger, password manager, spam filtering, mail manager, hotlink protection, instant counter, instant guestbook, instant form mail, redirect URL, web-based FTP, password protected directories, and phpMy Admin, among other state-of-the-art webmaster tools and functions. 247-Host customer support is available 24/7 by phone, email, support ticket or live web chat.

Disk Space

Disk space can be one of the most important features of VPS hosting 2014 if your website is depended on it. Disk space is not usually a concern as most of the hosting providers provide massive storage capacity. Virtual private servers are generally on par with dedicated hosting packages as storage capacity is not shared with VPS packages. It is applied to those sites which are community driven and with high traffic on daily basis.


Undoubtedly bandwidth is a most vital aspect of any hosting package. You might find it strange that shared hosts offer limitless bandwidth but VPS packages 2014 have its limit. Highly amount of traffic Will not be sustained on the shared servers because there is no bandwidth cup is imposed on them.
Your server may crash if you experience an unusual traffic spike so It is important to understand that irrespective of bandwidth. 
Bandwidth can be very much depending on each hosting company as well as VPS packages available. If bandwidth is high then amount you are willing to pay is high and vice verse. If you are initiating your website on a VPS, you will have to make a wild swing and go with your gut and if you already have been handling smaller server you will have the figures and know how much of bandwidth your site will need.


Most of VPS services provide dedicated RAM however this may vary with different companies offering a choice of RAM (Shared or dedicated) for your virtual private server. If you are upgrading from a shared server the RAM variable may seem new to you. Shared servers provide you with more control over CPU resources. Your RAM controls the number of applications that can be executed at a given moment so it should be carefully considered when you are choosing your package as an excessive use of applications can lead to downtime depending on how much memory you have available. Hosting providers should support the performance and availability of RAM which is a standard feature.
Another vital component is burstable memory that maintains stability of a site if the amount of traffic is high and demanding high level of bandwidth. If your website is prone to traffic ensure to look for burstable memory for a pleasant and uninterrupted VPS experience.

Windows or Linux

If you have no preference, you may inadvertently find yourself with a Linux server as Linux server options are cheaper. As Linux is open source so the hosting company bears no cost on software.
Windows servers are most versatile as they support .NET based web applications while they are not the most popular choice in the web developer world. Another reason to choose Windows would be if you are looking to handle certain aspects of the server by yourself. VPS packages usually allow a significant amount of control and customization.
Remotely accessing the server is a lot more user-friendly on a Windows platform rather than the command based Linux interface.

Control Panel

Control panel is another important feature of hosting sites. Control panel is divided in two main categories one is cPanel and other is Plesk. cPanel is most common choice. You may prefer Plesk that is typically offered on Windows based servers. While choosing your VPS make sure that control panel is included with package. In other case note down how much it will cost you to be aware of how much you exactly need to pay for the service.


There are VPS plans available for a price of a shared hosting service as well as options which are as worth as a dedicated serve. In the same way  some companies can advertise a VPS whilst offering the features of a shared server while others can promote VPS service equipped with dedicated hosting resources.  It is best to individual consider each feature rather than the title of the package as the price change drastically. Choosing cheapest option can be proved very expensive in case of loss because of website downtime. Reliability is key when choosing your VPS hosting company and paying a few bucks extra for a company that has a reputation will most likely pay off in the long run.

How much should you pay?

VPS Hosting Review tend to highlight price and push a service based on its monetary value.  If you have evaluated its functionality on a fairly accurate scale spending anywhere from $25 to $70 a month for a virtual private server would be a reasonable investment.

Managed or Unmanaged

Briefly, prerequisites required and other important software have already been installed with with an unmanaged VPS solutions which have to be configured from starch. Mostly managed solutions are offered by most VPS providers by default. You may consider a semi-managed, if you have immediate experience solution that you require will have to be installed by you with preliminaries taken care of by company staff. 
Managed solution may not leave you helpless by downtimes even if root of problem is not in your hand. If the service is unmanaged you will be responsible for running your site.

Is VPS hosting 2014 for me?

VPS server's functionality is very much vast. It is so much broad that it is impossible to respond to this question. In certain situations it may be assumed that VPS server is not best choice.If you have big budget, you may want to start off on a powerful server as any downtime can be critical and damaging to your campaign. And if you are new and looking to start a small-scale website then you may go with shared server and you may upgrade later on.
More are comming! We'll edit this according to the user views!

So hope you like the list of best vps of 2014 -- If want to submit your web hosting company? Contact Us
VPS hosting 2014
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Best WordPress hosting 2014

After analysing top 20 best web hosts , we had come out a list of best WordPress web hosting over the Internet. The WordPress internet hosting is rated based on the support of WordPress auto-installer programs, plug-ins, themes, extended features, WordPress internet hosting speed, stability and price.

There are thousands web hosting and many them meet the WordPress minimum requirement, but like flowers require the proper environment to grow, WordPress works better when it's organised with the best WordPress serves. To choose the best internet hosting for your WordPress websites, we recommend you going with the following best WordPress web hosting 2014

#1 -- BlueHost - Best WordPress host of 2014

BlueHost is a web host recognized back in 1996. BlueHost has been operating for over 15 years now and it has a strong record. BlueHost places client at the front side and provide outstanding service.
best web hostings 2014
In this BlueHost evaluation, I’m going to evaluate BlueHost web internet hosting functions that may help you to decide if BlueHost is right for you.

BlueHost assurance 99.9% system up-time which means their server is assured to stay online 99.9% of enough time. BlueHost is whitening fast as they have 3 datacenters with more than 70,000 sq. ft. of internet hosting space to several 10 GB fibers collections.

The company will have problems for a small-time period couple of times a year for servicing. This is completely normal as they find new ways to provide excellent service to their customers.

They also have a powerful energy back-up system to ensure web servers stay effective even during energy problems. So Bluehost is at the top of best wordpress hosting 2014.

#2 -- HostGator - The Second best Wordpress hosting 2014

Top 20 Web Hosting of 2014 (Reliable & Cheap)
Hostgator provides many great personal, business and supplier provides for a extremely inexpensive price. I have endless sector signing up, endless hard drive area, endless data transfer usage and endless contact information for around $60 a year.  And I can variety as many websites as I want by including new websites in few a few moments. Other websites usually cost you more and you do not get that big of a dessert item for the money.
The hostgator assistance is incredible. I had assign of encounter with the cellphone assistance at the starting and I can truly tell that this people are excellent.  They information me on the cellphone detailed whenever I had a issue. They are always responding to quick and follow you until you need to get a job done.Use this coupon for discount in best wordpress hosting 2014 - HostGators2014    20% Off!

#3 -- iPage - The #3 best wordpress hosting 2014

web host 2014
It’s hard not to come across the name iPage when it comes to web website hosting. This organization has been around since 1999, which is a quite a while in online years. They are possessed by Stamina Worldwide Group, a large organization very experienced in online website hosting and other aspects of offering online services.

But while all that is important, understanding that you are going with a strong web host and that they will be around for you in the lengthy run, what you really want to know is what they offer. How will using the iPage website hosting benefit you?

Fortunately, since they have been around for such a lengthy time, they have been able to truly work out the problems, and evaluate what web website hosting customers truly want.

In fact, during 2009 iPage did a re-launch, and since that period, their service has been suggested over and over again.

#4 -- JustHost - Best Wordpress Host 2014

web hostings 2014
JustHost has a fairly structured providing, i.e. Just Strategy and Just Strategy Top quality. There is little to choose from between the 2 programs, as both offer similar features like endless hard drive space, data transfer useage etc…

What makes the Top quality is unique is that these members get more of 100 % free for lifestyle websites.

The primary plan would protect 1 100 % free for lifestyle sector, but the Just Strategy Top quality clients are given possession of three. For the benefits of beginner online marketers, the released prices are described here:

  • Just Strategy – 24 months: $4.45/mo.
  • Just Strategy Top quality – 24 months: $6.95/mo.
The idea is to entice more clients of Just Strategy Top quality by attractive them with 3 100 % free for lifestyle websites by getting them to part with extra $2.50.

Also keep in mind that most companies, such as JH, run special offers every now and then and so their costs change. At enough duration of composing this publish, these were the costs. Based on when you are studying this publish, the price could be different.

Update: It seems like they have negotiate the two programs into one contacting it Just Strategy which goes for $6.09 per month.

#5 -- WebHostingHub - The best WP hosting 2014

cheap web hosting 2014

Web Web page hosting Hub is one of the top web hosting which make it very uncomplicated to to get a new website either using a site designer tool or using one of the built-in one-click technicians of the most popular CMS systems, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla !, etc. It provides all-in-one endless web hosting plan that should work very well for both personal sites and small-business internet marketers. It is presented with cPanel cpanel, top quality website designer, Simple Blog Web page hosting, 90 days assurance and 24/7 US based support.

#6 -- HostMonster - The best hosting for Wordpress

HostMonster provides personal users and entrepreneurs with just one internet hosting plan but with a package of various functions included general and bonus, e-commerce and multi-media. The cost for Variety Beast services is affordable and they may be considered as one of the cheap webhost in the internet hosting field. Variety Beast provides No long lasting agreements, At any time guarantee, 24/7 non-outsourced support service, SSH web Hosting, Endless host websites, cPanel Control Panel, Advanced Features (Cron Jobs, Apache Handlers, SSH spend access), 100 % free options by HostMonster, FREE Domain name, FREE $75 Google + google + Google Adwards Credit, FREE SimpleScripts Application Installation software, FREE Website Contractors, FREE Web Website Promotion Tools, etc.

#7 -- Fatcow - The best wordpress hosting 2014

The Fat Cow provides provide simple, good and useful service and internet hosting which is easy to own and use. It provides a internet hosting plan which is best for those who start their own business to look for a placeholder for some websites. It provides endless data transfer useage and space. you don't need to pay fee and can set one domain 100 % totally free. It gives you one month assurance. FatCow provides PHP5 web internet hosting assistance and endless MySQL data source. Its hosts include Move and Drop Designer – a basic totally free website builder with several options and layouts. It is green, so your website will be organised with wind energy. FatCow professional assistance is provided 24×7 by phone or email.

More sites? Comming soon! Submit your own web hosting site for review - Contact US

Top 20 Web Hosting of 2014 (Reliable & Cheap)

Web Hosting 2014..  If you're looking for the best, cheap and reliable web hosting 2014 services then you're at right place! Here I'm going to post some best, reliable and cheapest web hosting companies of 2014. Most of these hosting are also used by me and I really liked them. I hope you too :)

There are so many web page hosting companies in 2014 who are offering lots of different features and trying to gain more clients with different promises and marketing strategies, but not all of them will be able to provide 100% customer support. This is when we come in place. We collect information about web page hosts, test and web page hosting programs and ask customers to submit their honest evaluation to our web page. With our best knowledge and users experience we can make a top list of the best web page hosting suppliers that offers the best support at lowest price with 100% customer care guarantee.

 Web Hosting 2014

HostGator - #1 Web Hosting of 2014

 Discount Coupon: " HostGators2014 " 25% off!
Top 20 Web Hosting of 2014 (Reliable & Cheap)
 HostGator is a well reputed web hosting company of 2012, 2013 and now 2014. HostGator hosts more than 1 billion domains with latest hosting features. This is the reason they're ranked at number one web hosting of 2014. You can install any CMS (built-in option) with one click, Automatic backups and 99.99% uptime with 24 hour live support. What else you want? The good thing in hostGator is that they are very cheap and reliable. Once you buy and then sit back, no head ache of downtime or anything else. I'm sure you'll be 100% Satisfied with their service. So, HostGator is at top in the list of Best, Reliable and Cheapest Web hosts of 2014.
For more coupons: Hostgator Coupons 2014

iPage - The second Best Web host of 2014

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web host 2014

It is a green web hosting company So iPage can guarantee that its customers websites are 100% powered by wind energy. iPad considers three things to be most consider to their customers which are website, email and security. So they provide best features to design a good site and provide security to them and site visitors and also to have a spam less, well functioning mail. iPage offers its customers all-in-one web hosting solution Essential Plan. They claim to provide everything a customer might require to put a personal or business website online. iPage hosting has many useful features such as Unlimited bandwidth, domains, disk space, Free site builder, blog, photo galleries, Free Security Suite, Marketing tools, Eco-friendly hosting, Online Help Centre and Ticketing System, Anytime money back guarantee, Step-by-Step Tutorials for Using Your Account, 24×7 Phone, Chat and Email Support. - The Third Best Web host of 2014

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web hostings 2014

It provides customers with their own free domain. There is a possibility to host an unlimited number of domains in cPanel account what allows to manage all sites on one server from one place. It provides you with other easy to use services as application installs, template designs and more. JustHost provide their website hosting services for both individuals and businesses. They promise to offer a cheap web hosting and full functionality. It provides you with Free Instant Setup, No hidden fees, Free Domain Transfer, Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited MySQL Databases, cPanel Account Control Panel, PHP5 web HostingFree Site Builder with Templates, $50 Google Ad Credits $25 Yahoo Ad Credits $50 MySpace Ad Creditse-Commerce Shopping Carts, Anytime Money Back Guarantee,24/7 live technical support. - The Fourth Best Web Host of 2014

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best web hostings 2014

BlueHost supports customers with various hosting features concerning high class technology, databases, website scripts, eCommerce, multimedia, site promotion. They also provide many unlimited options, such as unlimited disk storage, POP3/POP3 Secure E-mail Support, GB of Site Transfer, forwarding e-mail accounts, add-on and parked domains, sub domains. Blue Host aims to provide their hosting reseller clients with a flexible administration panel, an advanced client management and billing software, a customized version of cPanel, a powerful resource management technology that might help to prevent down times. Blue host offers 24/7 US-based Support, Unlimited webhosting, SimpleScripts 1-Click installs, SSH Secure Shell Access Resource Management, Average Support hold times under 30 Sec, Track RecordBlazing Servers. - The Fifth Best Web Host of 2014 

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Web Hosting Hub is one of the top web hosting which make it very easy and simple to to get a new website online either using a website builder tool or using one of the built-in one-click installers of the most popular CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. It provides all-in-one unlimited web hosting plan that should work very well for both personal sites and small-business website owners. It is featured with cPanel control panel, premium website builder, Easy Blog Hosting, 90 days money back guarantee and 24/7 US based support. - The Sixth Best Web Host of 2014

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HostMonster provides personal users and business owners with just one hosting plan but with a package of various features included general and bonus, e-commerce and multimedia. The cost for Host Monster services is affordable and they may be considered as one of the cheap web host in the hosting field. Host Monster provides No long term contracts, Anytime money back guarantee, 24/7 non-outsourced customer support, SSH web Hosting, Unlimited host domains, cPanel Control Panel, Advanced Features (Cron Jobs, Apache Handlers, SSH shell access), Free options by HostMonster, FREE Domain name, FREE $75 Google + bing + Yahoo Adwards Credit, FREE SimpleScripts Application Installer, FREE Site Builders, FREE Web Site Promotion Tools, etc. - The Seventh Best Web Host of 2014

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The Fat Cow provides provide simple, good and valuable service and hosting which is easy to own and use. It offers a hosting plan which is best for those who start their own business to look for a placeholder for some domains. It provides unlimited bandwidth and space. you don't need to pay fee and can set one domain totally free. It gives you one month money back guarantee. FatCow offers PHP5 web hosting support and unlimited MySQL databases. Its hosting services include Drag and Drop Builder – a basic free site builder with a number of options and templates. It is green, so your site will be hosted with wind energy. FatCow professional support is provided 24×7 by phone or email. - The Eighth Best Web Host of 2014

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Webhostingpad offers Free Web Hosting to clients with free website transfer and free website builder available. It is easy and affordable for both business and personal users. The hosting package incorporates basic hosting features, bonus features, extra resources at a higher cost (Power Plan Plus) and e-Commerce features. Also, Web hosting pad offers cheap vps plans with more advanced options. Web hosting pad’s most outstanding features are Free setup, no hidden fees, Price lock guarantee, Free website transfer, cPanel control panel, Free Website builder, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Security Suite, 24×7 Server monitoring, 24×7 Admin Tech Support, $200 Free extras, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. - The Ninth Best Web Host of 2014

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IXWebHosting provides reliable and secured hosting. They assure their customers that their sites can not be hacked by providing three services monitoring against blacklists, discovering malicious content, instant problems re mediating. IXWebHosting created a special Personal support Rep program. This means you get your own support rep, a trained and skilled service representative, who is supposed to help you with any type of issue aroused.
Its another noticeable feature is up to 15 free dedicated IPs. For indecisive users IXwebHosting suggests a weekly trial for free to check out if it’s really worth signing up with the host. It has some core feature like Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited domain, Unlimited disk space, Unlimited data transfer. Free options of 2 dedicated IP addresses, 1 domain registration, Site design tutorial and web hosting control panel are also available. 
IXWebHosting has most appealing features such as Linux and Windows web Hosting platforms, 100% money back guarantee, free one click script installation, free dedicated IPs, Personal support Rep, selection for easy install shopping carts, 24/7 customer support, unlimited web hosting, advertising credits on Google, Miva and Yahoo, free website building and many other. 

DreamHost - The Tenth Best Web Host of 2014

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Dream Host provides hosting solution to both small and medium-sized businesses and individuals.. It offers best hosting solutions to beginners and high end users. Customers who use are served with high inclusive hosting plans, reliability and fast service. It is featured with easy to control panel with 15 languages. It provides free setup, 4 datacenters placed all around the world, Free marketing and site administration tools, unlimited storage, SSH access, unlimited transfer, 1 free domain, 100 POP3 email accounts, 10 MySQL 5 databases, PostgreSQL 8.3 databases, 100 FTP accounts, SSL certificate generator and many more.  The company promises to provide a trouble-free web experience which should be cheap hosting services including cheap vps hosting and also affordable dedicated hosting. It provides some free options such as web site builder, popular php scripts and marketing tools. 

More Best Web Hosting Companies of 2014? 

As you know this is the start of 2014, and our team is checking all web hosting companies by using all of them, asking from their old customers and through different kind of research! We will update this list as soon as we get results from our research!
 But one thing: The web hosting companies of 2014 mentioned in the above list are the best! All others will start from #11 ranking. Thankyou!

What is Shared Web host? - Shared web Hosts to buy in 2014

The web page hosting plan is the most common in the industry. Distributed web page hosting is the most affordable and most affordable web page hosting support, because the cost of this type of web page hosting support is around $5 for each month. The strategy is simple: web page hosts variety several sites and records on the same server, using the same disk space and data transfer useage, IP address and same CPU as well. Many web page hosts push more sites on one server to get highest profit, and sometimes all sites are closed down. If you choose a reliable web variety, listed on our web page, you will not see such a trouble.

The shared records usually are used for those sites, that don't have such a big traffic, like Google, Google or MSN. You can use very well a web page hosting for a personal web page, for a blog or for your community. Also can variety small company sites on shared records and the list goes on.

Sometimes, when you run out the CPU usage or your sites running time is higher, you will know that it is enough a chance to get a VPS web page hosting or a dedicated server.
In the following we will present you the different types of web page hosting programs that are offered by web page hosting firms and will explain how does each work and what is used for.

Most of web page hosting programs come with endless file transfer and endless web space; some organizations allow web page hosting endless websites and endless databases on the same customer consideration.

The Unlimited Plan is the most popular web page hosting package today because this provide a variety of possibilities for each web surfer, and everyone can make a web page fast and easy on their own web page hosting consideration. The endless web page hosting is also affordable; you can find a good endless web web page hosting plan for only $2-$5 per month. How can organizations provide endless web page hosting resources for as low price? They are using web page hosting accounts for those programs that permit to reduce the support costs.

More About Web Hosting (to buy in 2014)

There are so many web page hosting companies out there who are offering lots of different features and trying to gain more clients with different promises and marketing strategies, but not all of them will be able to provide 100% customer support. This is when we come in place. We collect information about web page hosts, test and web page hosting programs and ask customers to submit their honest evaluation to our web page. With our best knowledge and users experience we can make a top list of the best web page hosting suppliers that offers the best support at lowest price with 100% customer care guarantee.

In the following we will present you the different types of web page hosting programs that are offered by web page hosting firms and will explain how does each work and what is used for.

Most of web page hosting programs come with endless file transfer and endless web space; some organizations allow web page hosting endless websites and endless databases on the same customer consideration.

The Unlimited Plan is the most popular web page hosting package today because this provide a variety of possibilities for each web surfer, and everyone can make a web page fast and easy on their own web page hosting consideration. The endless web page hosting is also affordable; you can find a good endless web web page hosting plan for only $2-$5 per month. How can organizations provide endless web page hosting resources for as low price? They are using web page hosting accounts for those programs that permit to reduce the support costs. So these are some best Web hostings 2014.
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